Monday, March 26, 2012

~Me a grown up girl


Yeah I'm now at home. Will be with them for 1 week then, practical. Shiqiin called this morning and told me a good news. For me it's a good news. Thanks to her and her father for helping. InsyaAllah by next week I will be there, in Hospital Teluk Intan for internship. 

I cannot be choosy, about where should I do my internship. As long as there is a place for me, I'm just glad. Alhamdulillah. 

Far from family, it's okay for me now. Yup I'm now bigger and grown up. A 21 years old girl (not yet 22 huhu), I can be independent. Instead, I want to experience and sense, how does it feel living in different places. Kedah, Selangor and now Perak. It should be exciting right.


p/s: A grown up girl should be know what she's been doing and stick with her decision.