Friday, March 23, 2012



Simple plan-Astronaut

Can anybody hear me?
Or am I talking to myself?
My mind is running empty
In the search for someone else
Who doesn’t look right through me.
It’s all just static in my head
Can anybody tell me why I’m lonely like a satellite?

‘Cause tonight I’m feeling like an astronaut
Sending SOS from this tiny box
And I lost all signal when I lifted up
Now I’m stuck out here and the world forgot
Can I please come down? (come down)
‘Cause I’m tired of drifting around and round (and round)
Can I please come down?

I’m deafened by the silence
Is it something that I’ve done?
I know that there are millions
I can’t be the only one who’s so disconnected
It’s so different in my head.
Can anybody tell me why I’m lonely like a satellite?

Now I lie awake and scream in a zero gravity
And it’s starting to weigh down on me.
Let’s abort this mission now
Can I please come down?

So tonight I’m calling all astronauts
All the lonely people that the world forgot
If you hear my voice come pick me up
Are you out there?
‘Cause you’re all I’ve got!

Love love Simple Plan songs. Just love it. Since school. They sang about life, which when you go through the lyrics sometimes it's happening in your life. Agree? Nah...

One of my favorite band :p Pierre oppa haha

Finish packing. Tomorrow will be check out from this house, and Shah Alam for awhile. Paipai...