Thursday, January 19, 2012

~ Nasi Ayam EN :)


I'm now at home. My one and only the best home. With the best members in it. Yes my beloved family.

I'm so happy that i'm here. Be with them. Cook for them. Yes today I cook Nasi Ayam for them. Since my mom went to school, I'll be second mom hoho...not really. Wake up late, at noon. Then, I rushed to prepare it.

Have to prepare one by one.

First, I steam the chicken with some marinade to make it soft. Soy sauce,salt,ginger,garlic. Then, I roasted them. Looks yummy right. 

 Prepare soup and cook rice at the same time. Rice should be cook with some margerin and chicken stock. The soup, just make a simple soup with some chicken stock,salt,parsley(daun sup eh?),chicken parts.

Cucumber. Smile :)


Salad. Don't forget.

Sambal kicap and sambal tomato. Prepare by my sister.

Huh finish cooking at 3. Late lunch, oh hungry by just look at them. Slrpppp. Ok let's eat.