Friday, September 30, 2011

~Padini clearance stock-All priced at RM5


Yeah it can be believed. All at RM5! 

Wow,it's Padini guys. At reasonable prices, so cheap. Tomorrow is the last day so do come there.

But, before going, you all have to prepare mentally and physically. Yeah you are right, it's clearance stock. If you expect that there would be less people you are totally wrong!

Today, I had been there. Kak Adnin, Zaty and I went there by 10.30am. Huuuu it was totally jam, we barely parked the car. And then the most scary things is when we reach that place. Human are everywhere. I started to confuse,because I didn't see any stock or things that gonna be sell. But then, I just joined the crowded. They are pushing each other, yeah to survive and successfully entering that place hahaha. Really not easy. There are some who are give up and leave. Good hahaha...
Eventhough the crowded is not this much but feel like faint.

Since I never been to any clearance sale before, I never expect this would happen. Everyone is shouting at each other, push others to enter. The management just allow people to enter group by group to avoid that warehouse to be crowded. Luckily after half hour been pushing, we successfully entered. Then, we had to wait again for twice time. And tadaa we were in, at last fiuhhhh!

Clothes are everywhere.  It just like bundle store.  But it worth since it is branded clothes at lower price. Yeah you have to choose it since not all are in good condition. 

To anyone that wanna go tomorrow, do come early. Hahaha. If you don't want to be like 'sardine'. 

 It was my first experienced then. Hmmm totally chaos at the entering door so be careful. 

Alrite. goodluck guyz =D