Thursday, July 7, 2011

~Last Assignment from Dr REZA--My future plan


Our beloved lecturer, Dr Reza will not gonna teach us from now on. He follow his son who will further study in New Zealand if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, I really really gonna miss him because he is such a good lecturer who really know how to teach and treat students. For genetic disorder and Patho Haemo, others lecturer  replaced him. Hopefully, we can easily follow that lecturer's teaching ways just like Dr Reza. Gudluck Dr Reza, I wish u all da best n May Allah bless u always.

Hope we will meet u again Dr Reza in the future..

Oh ok, at the Dr Reza's farewell party last Wednesday, he'd giving us the last assignment. He want us to write something regarding our future. Honestly speaking about that, I really can't imagine what would I become. I'm just confuse whether to just further MBBS or looking for job after BMS or further in other course. There are a few complications appear, as BMS can't no longer jump into 3rd phase of MBBS. According to our Deputy Dean, our batch still got the chance. But...still I am not sure about that.

I will thinking more about this and hopefully, I will make the right decision.

To be continue....