Thursday, July 14, 2011



Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp
Yesterday, after going back from MSU around 11.45pm, I feel so sleepy. But suddenly I switch on TV,rather than just go to sleep. Searching for some good channel to watch. Nah I found one, movie that I really want to watch: Death Bell 2. Yeah I'd search for it on youtube some time ago but still no one upload it. Just now I'd search it again and omo it's there

It's a thriller movie, watching it alone yesterday at midnight ohoo quite scary but I like~~ Death Bell 1 is interesting too, try and watch it if u guyz are curious.

Death Bell

I found some other K-Movies, yeah I will spend time watching them but not now cause I got class. Just like K-Dramas, K-Movies are also love by people. Is it because of Korean addiction or what? No for me I like K-Movies because they are interesting to be watched.

Ok.What I like about K-Movies are:
1) The actors and actress are good, good at acting and...yah good looking haha. 
2) The story line is interesting, although sometimes it's just the same with other movies but still we will curious to know the ending
3) They got all elements, love, friendship, sad, funny, and others hahaha
4) Yeah the horror movies, are really scarry. woo don't watch them alone if you are coward
5) Funny, no doubt. It will relieve your tension and stress. Laugh and laugh.
6) Sad, aigooo you can't hold your eyes to cry. Some of it are really heart breaking.
7) Love, romantic hehe...so sweet.

Ahhh there many other reasons that I can't think now. Yeah try to watch them and you will know.

Let me recommend some movie that I'd watch before since I just watch a little of K-movies.

Do re mi fa so la ti do- Jang geung suk haha
Baby and me

Almost love


Millionaire first love

Haha yeah of cors there is many others K-movies that is good. So search it by yourself hehe.. Thanks.