Monday, April 4, 2011

My money just flew away~~But I know how to solve it~~


Tsk tsk tsk...
Hari ini mau story bagaimana duet yang banyak menjadi sedikit dengan sekelip mata
It's so simple,mari kita buat calculation

Just now,maybe:
In my account there are about RM 102050
Then it become RM 170

 <------*ELI UKISS    <------*CHANSUNG 2PM

How it happen????
 <----*DAESUNG BIGBANG             

*(haha like their expresion)

BMS fee(sem) - RM 10,000
BMS fee(monthly)-RM1500
house rental(standby)-RM240
Shopping mopping-RM40

So that's how it happen
but I'm still glad that it was safely transfer to 
MSU acc

Still wonder how to pay for the fee..
hopefully can pay all of it before my BMS end..

Ok let me share how to manage money well..especially as a student

1)Keep the cash outflow to the minimum: Don't withdraw too much money at once, or else you will end up using it all. (I'd try this before LOL)

2)Pack a lunch: Buying at the cafe is not so affordable so we can cut badget for food by this way. Yeah this week I will not buy lunch at the cafe,hopefully. I've prepare for this,i bought too many food ingredient for my lunch kekekek...

3)Check your acc often: How to check? Did we need to go to ATM everday? No lah just check the balance once a week is enough. Then to be a good spender (not underwear ok) list out everything that you buy or spend to.

4)Ride the bus/walk/carpool: Yeah I agree. It will be cost if we ride the taxi, so expensive. I used to riding bus 2 years ago,before I transfer to this apartment which is very near to my campus(MSU,Shah Alam). Then I walk if the place is near, example to Giant@Stadium S.Alam

5)Live at home or share a room: Oh how I wish to live at home in my study period. It's too far so I just can rent the room. It's quite comfortable because there not too much people in this house. But still you know...ahakssss the rent is not so affordable.

6)Forgo cable,watch TV Online: Nah there you are, I really not agree to have tv in the house,opsss not tv actually. Having tv is ok but to have ASTRO is not so good for us as the student,but still have to pay for it if not i can't watch tv at all huhuhu. I'm rather to watch everything on9.

7)Divvy up spending cash on weekly basis: First have to divide money for the rent and daily usage. Then, estimate how much we want to use in a week. For me, I'm using money uncertainly in a week. Still learning how to manage it well

So that's all for my tips, there are many others suitable tips for us to manage money just GOOGLE it. Hopefully I can practice all the things above. Goodluck for me haha..