Thursday, April 21, 2011

~Let's finish up the assignment---SEOULFM daebak


Ok today my mission is to finish up Nutrition assignment
Tomorrow is the deadline but still didn't write anything LOL..
Don't worry still got time hoho

While work on this assignment let's listen to SEOULFM
Yay tonite is UKISS special lalala....
0330 is great~~
auwww Dongho my bias UKISS's maknae

and BEAST special

Beautiful my girl oh oh girl
So beautiful,my beautiful, nothing better than u~~

what? 2PM special too
Ahh gonna faint haha happy happy day

wow! drooling...haha

Rain look alike Junho,so sweet cute =p

And others special will coming out

This evening I plan to jog but suddenly felt dizzy then I just sleep la
K hopefully i will stay awake  until I finish up this work