Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hepy day n hepy birthday~

We all had fun bcoz we celebrate birthday yay..
Who's birthday????
YUp of cors me,Miss Eleey n Miss Izzati Syazwani
Oh my birthday already past,2days ago 13/12/2010 but it's ok
I'm really appreciate my frenz afford to clebrate it together..
Tomorow is Zaty's birthday 16/12/2010
It would be fun n happy if we spend time together with our frenz..

Thanks a lot to Ila,Kai,Ain,Tini,Tqa,Zaty,Kak Jan n Anis...
Guyz I love u so much
Actually this is my 1st experience which me clebrate my birthday
with my frenz,so crazy la

They had plan it for me..
Although they want to make it as surprise but I knew it already
BUt they still got me..
Ahhh,they making prank on me although i knew it i cannot run
just pretend that i do not know
And lastly they threw a 'secret solution' on me
It contain:

  • Flour
  • Egg
  • Sardine??
  • Downy??
  • Pepper
It was mad isn't it
and then ceremony continue by threw the balloon that filled with water
but it didn't got on me..luckily
Still my cloth is dirty n stinky huaaa...

It maghrib already n we still did not eat the foods
So we just go back to Brunsfield to clean up n pray
Then we had picnic at the playground..
Oh so romantic hahaha
My stomach is full,Alhamdulillah
Many food such as Choc Banana Cake,Bihun Goreng,Sosej,Potato Chip,
Jajan,Popia,n of cors air grape...huhu

Back home at 9..
Now it almost 11pm...
Feel sleep already
Had to pray for Isyak n then zzzzzZZZzzz
Sory no study for today ngee~

I had no pic to show,but it's ok
It will remain in my memory..
Keyh until now
Miss Eleey want to dismiss..
Assalamualaikum w.b.t...