Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mision uncomplished


HUa..ARi study xmncapai target.. igt nk study 3 sbjek skali gus ari ni.. pgi n ptg tuk english n leadership then mlm nti tuk HEI.. tp nye, skrg da hmpir mlm tp xabez ag study yg 2 tue.. Pe x nye klo dan on9 je mmg xleh nk brenti adoi2.. ksalahan sndrik..

Pastu td tbe2 mucus mgalir.. http://www.smileycodes.infojdik rimas sketike n trus brenti study tuk sesi ptg ni ngeh3.. sume tu alasan smate2.. Esok da ahad..ho3.. Xpe la mmg da tabiat study last mnit..

HA3 nk stop pasl study jap

Wah today is 31st July 2PM is having their 1st concert..really wanna go to their concert.. I really love them bcoz they r the first kpop group that i like For sure in dat concert they will sing all their wonderful song
Now there is no Jay a.k.a Jaebum the hottest leader.. There r just:
  • Lee Junho
  • Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
  • Ok Taecyeon
  • Jang Wooyoung
  • Kim Junsu
  • Hwang Chansung
There many thing I wanna talk about them but
my lappy making problem..
Anyway gudluck for them